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Professional Business Headshots

What to Look For When Hiring a Photographer for a Business Headshot, & why Eliot Siegel should be top of your list

Are you in the market to be hiring a photographer for your next set of business headshots? If so, what are some of the things you should be thinking about before you make the hire? Going the professional route makes a lot of sense when talking about professional business headshots. Think about how many times you have had a headshot taken by someone else, not a professional, only to find that it never comes out exactly the way you want. The lighting may not be properly done, the details are just not there, you have no options for touch-ups, etc. Professional business headshots in Greater London, UK take all of that fear and remove it from the situation. It is all about getting the absolute best set of headshots for your business, from one employee to the next across the board.


When you are looking to make the hire for a team of professionals to handle headshot photography, you want to start by scanning the market. See who is available to do a corporate portrait in Teddington. Begin to reach out to get an inventory of all of the possible individuals you could hire. From there, you then want to take a look at their reputation, any of the reviews that have come in from prior clients. As you go through this process, think about their work and whether or not it would meet your needs. A corporate portrait in Teddington needs to hit the mark every time, not just for a few employees. Talk to the professionals you are most interested in hiring to see if they can show you some examples of their work and maybe even ask for referrals. As you do this you will be able to narrow it down to your ideal hire.

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